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Stone Maven Standards and Policies


I only use natural stones (no resin or human-made "stones") and mostly use naturally-shaped pieces, although you'll also see some heart-shaped and other perfectly-shaped stones here and there. 

Even if it's not mentioned in the listing description, many of my pendants can be worn with either the front or back showing. Sometimes it may be difficult to tell which side I intended to be the "front," although back sides will invariably be more plain or more "messy," since the back is where I tuck, hide or wrap the ends of the wires.


Right now I'm only using copper wire except for custom orders. I buy only 99.9% pure, untreated/uncoated copper wire from companies in the United States. It's easy to work with and is naturally lovely, in my opinion, even after it has oxidized and turned a darker, matte color. In fact, that is what we expect from untreated copper. It's predictable.  

Depending on the amount of time between when I photograph a piece and when you receive it, you should expect the color of the copper to be less shiny, more brownish, and to be naturally oxidizing.

All measurements are approximate, but I do my best to be accurate.

I also do my best to describe and photograph the items accurately, but please keep in mind that I work with natural stones that will vary in shape, color and size. Colors may appear differently to you than they did on your computer or mobile device screen. I take photographs outside in the natural sun and shade--no flash--to try to show you what each stone accurately looks like as much as possible on a two- dimensional screen.

No two pieces of jewelry will ever be exactly the same, although the bird's nests and owls will all be very similar to each other. Please allow for, and appreciate them, for all their uniqueness, including odd shapes, cracks, dents, bumps and occlusions.


Except for custom orders, most pendants will be shipped out within 2-3 business days, but often by the next day.

Because of their light weight, even when well-insulated and protected, most U.S. orders will be shipped for just $5 for orders $59 and less by First Class mail via the United States Postal Service.

U.S. orders $60 and over ship for free.

Please don’t hesitate to contact me if you have any questions! Just click the button below for Stone Maven's email.

Stone Maven Standards and Policies: Store Policies
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