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Natural Petrified Wood Wire-Wrapped Flat Stone Pendant Necklace

Natural Petrified Wood Wire-Wrapped Flat Stone Pendant Necklace

How cool is petrified wood? Once a living, breathing organism that lived thousands upon thousands of years ago, it makes for beautiful, unique jewelry. This piece of a petrified tree is simply gorgeous with its multi-colored layers. Its flat and uniform size make it an ideal pendant.


The pendant was created with 99.9% pure copper wire, bare and without any treatment or coatings.


**Because it's natural copper, you should definitely expect the wire to naturally oxidize and darken over time and for it to be darker when you receive the pendant, compared to the photographs in this listing.  

This unique stone measures approximately one inch long/tall. The pendant's total height is approximately 1 3/4 inches  tall.


Includes a silky-satin black cord in your choice of two lengths: 18 or 24 inches, each with a 2-inch extension chain. The metal clasp and chain portions of the cord are lead- and nickel-free. 


The word “petrified” comes from Greek petra, which means stone. Petrified Wood stones are beautiful, unique crystal gemstones believed to symbolize time and transformation. Once a living, breathing organism that existed millions of years ago, petrified wood was fossilized for eons until it became the prized crystal that countless people in the world seek out today.


Petrified wood can be found in many colors, ranging from yellow, brown, and red, to gray and black. This variety of shades is due to the difference in mineral composition. For example, petrified wood rich in carbon can be usually found in gray and black colors. Meanwhile, other minerals can produce beautiful and more vibrant color patterns, including blue and green.


Petrified wood symbolizes time and change. It can also mean resilience during moments of tribulation and trouble. Likewise, it’s also a stone of transformation. It can guide and heal you when there are upheavals and disruptive changes that are happening in your life.

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