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Green Aventurine Lucky Stone Beads Bird's Nest Wire-Wrapped Pendant Necklace

Green Aventurine Lucky Stone Beads Bird's Nest Wire-Wrapped Pendant Necklace

Lovely green Aventurine natural stone beads adorn a nest of 99.9% pure copper wire. Each bird's nest pendant is similar but will vary slightly as each is made from hand.


My nest pendants are created with five to six feet of 99.9% pure copper wire, bare and without any treatment or coatings.


**Because it's natural copper, you should definitely expect the wire to naturally oxidize and darken over time and for it to be darker when you receive the pendant, compared to the photographs in this listing.  


The "eggs" are natural green Aventurine. Individual beads may look slightly different than the ones pictured, as nest pendants will be made when purchased. 


Each individually handcrafted nest measures approximately 1 inch in diameter. The pendant's total height varies from less than 1 1/2 to 2 inches tall.


**The total height of each pendant will vary slightly, depending on the size of the bail (the loop the cord goes through). 


Individual "eggs" are approximately 6 mm in diameter.


Includes a silky-satin black cord in your choice of two lengths: 18 or 24 inches, each with a 2-inch extension chain. The metal clasp and chain portions of the cord are lead- and nickel-free.


If you'd like a nest made with a different color of beads/eggs, just fill out a contact form with your request and we can get a special order going for you! I've got pretty much every color you may want. 


Green Aventurine is believed by many to provide strength, confidence, courage, and happiness, renewing one’s optimism for life. 


It is one of the go-to stones for many seeking financial success and luck of all kinds and is known as the “Gambler’s Stone.” People who need a little extra luck often keep a piece of green aventurine on them whenever they need to make a bet or embark on a new financial frontier — from landing a job interview to buying a new car. 


According to folklore, carrying a piece of green aventurine in a left-side pocket when purchasing a lottery ticket improves your chances of picking the winning numbers.  


Green Aventurine is a silicon dioxide mineral and another member of the quartz family. The shade of green is a product of tiny fuchsite particles, and varies according to the amount of impurities present in the stone. Aventurine was named after the Italian word “a Ventura”, which means “by chance.”

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