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Casual & Quirky Heart-Shaped Picture Jasper Stone Pendant Necklace

Casual & Quirky Heart-Shaped Picture Jasper Stone Pendant Necklace

With a super casual, slightly quirky design, this heart-shaped Picture Jasper wire-wrapped stone pendant can be worn with pretty much everything.  


The pendant is made from 99.9% pure copper wire, bare and without any treatment or coatings.


**Because it's natural copper, you should definitely expect the wire to naturally oxidize and darken over time and for it to be darker when you receive the pendant, compared to the photographs in this listing.  


The stone measures approximately 3/4 inch (2 cm) long/tall and 3/4 inch (2 cm) wide. The pendant's total height is almost 2 inches (5 cm) tall.


Includes a silky-satin black cord in your choice of two lengths: 18 or 24 inches, each with a 2-inch extension chain. The metal clasp and chain portions of the cord are lead- and nickel-free. 


Picture Jasper is a form of brown jasper characterized by its unique banding and flow patterns created by petrified or silicate mud and occasional dendritic inclusions.


On cut or polished stones, its variations often seem to depict landscapes and other images. These “pictures” have inspired reverence for the stone in many cultures and were believed to contain hidden messages from the past.


Picture jasper is said to help us connect with the Earth and connect with energies from ancient civilizations to gain knowledge and wisdom. It is considered by many to be a powerful stone that acts as a window to the Earth.


It's believed to assist in connecting to sacred sites and can help in inner journeying to certain places and times in the past.


Picture jasper is one of the most popular stones used in ceremonies working with the energy of Earth, particularly when working with visioning or dreams.


The stone appears in a range of earth tones, including browns, reddish-browns, gold, black, blue, tan and ivory.

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