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The Reluctant Blogger

Updated: Jan 11

Being honest, I'd rather not be here right now. I'm not particularly excited about starting and maintaining a blog.

I'd much rather be making jewelry or taking photographs of something beautiful or fascinating or strange.

But the Googlegods like activity. They like words, especially certain words, none of which, I'm sure, I've used thus far in this, my first blog post for Stone Maven Handcrafted Jewelry.

There. I used my store's name, finally. And of course, "jewelry" is an all-important word for me, if I want people to find my little corner of the interwebs.

So, here I am, starting my blog for Stone Maven. My name is Amy, and I'm the person creating the jewelry that I hope many people will find appealing and will buy.

I chose to use mostly natural-shaped, natural stones for my jewelry (no resin or humanmade "stones"). Mostly because I find them fascinating and beautiful, and, it turns out, they make pretty cool jewelry. I'm only making pendants so far, but will eventually branch out to try other kinds, I'm sure.

I'll use this blog to share my geeky enthusiasm for the stones I use. Like right now, I'm finally sitting down to write this after pacing all around the house and yard waiting for the UPS truck to get here.

We had a pretty good winter storm last week. By which I mean, it really sucked and still does because of the snow still on the ground (and the layer of ice underneath it). We got enough snow that the stones and wire I ordered have been delayed for days now. It's Tuesday and I should have received the amethyst order on Friday, with everything else scheduled to be here by Saturday. But here I sit, still waiting.

Maybe I'll blog about it when I finally get the stones. Not that I expect many people to read it, but maybe I'll get some love from Google, etc...

In the meantime, I still have other stones and plenty of wire, so I'm going to go make something that's cool to look

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