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The First of the Shorties - Tiger's Eye Natural Stone into a Pendant

This is the first of a series of very short posts about individual stones-turned-pendants, or whatever else I feel like featuring. I've decided to call these posts "Shorties."

Once in a while, I'll take a couple or few or a lot of photos of a stone before I turn it into a piece of wire-wrapped jewelry.

I found this lovely natural Tiger's Eye stone to be fascinating in how different the front looks from the back.

The front of the stone is simply gorgeous. It has a smooth, silky, almost creamy texture that gives this piece of Tiger's Eye an extra special look, in my opinion. And like all Tiger's Eye, the look of the stone changes, depending on the light and how it's hitting the stone. This one looks bright and golden bronze in direct light, then it turns into a milk-chocolatey brown in dimmer or more indirect light.

Turn it over, and it's like you're looking at a completely different stone. The back has a matte appearance, with a brown and black alternating pattern.

The size and shape of the stone made it ideal for a pendant. I gave it a simple design. And even though the backside may not be as beautiful or interesting as the front, I made the pendant reversible to make it as versatile as possible. The front is more elegant, I think. The back, more casual.

As of this posting, the pendant is still available to buy in the shopping section of For more photos and information, or if you want to go ahead and buy it, just click here: Reversible Natural Tiger's Eye Stone Two-Sided Wire-Wrapped Pendant Necklace | Stone Maven Handcraf (

Don't forget to check out all of my in-stock pendants in the shopping section of here: Shop | Stone Maven Handcrafted Jewelry (

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