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I Really Do Try to Not Be (Too) Greedy ...

Updated: Jan 11

But sometimes, I just can't resist keeping a pendant after I've made it.

Sometimes I can even resist for several days. And of course, I've made some pendants for myself just because I wanted to. But I really do try to not be too greedy. I mean, I'd have dozens upon dozens by now, because I'm endlessly fascinated with gemstones and rocks and being able to wear them just tickles me no end. But I only have so much space to store them and if I keep one, then I want to be able to look at it whenever I want, which is pretty much every day. I have my collection of about two dozen hanging up on a wall where I can see them. I have space for another dozen, I think, then I'll have to figure something else out.

Is that a little nutty? Maybe. But I don't care. I like to look at them.

So, anyway ... sometimes, like with this Rainbow Fluorite pendant ... I just can't help myself. This stone is so absolutely gorgeous, and I loved how the pendant turned out. I even made it reversible. It's mine. ALL. MINE.

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