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I Found This Rock on a Hike and Decided Someone Should Wear It

Updated: Mar 10

I actually found this piece of Druzy years ago. Maybe as long as 21. I don't remember exactly when, but it had been with all the other cool rocks I've collected over the last 20+ years.

At the time I found it, I didn't know it was called druzy. I didn't learn that fun fact until just a few months ago.

Druzy, also known as druse, drusy, druze or drusie, is the name given to the small crystal layer on the surface of some stones or on the inside of many geodes. It's found on many different kinds of stones worldwide, and comes in various colors.

The most common type of druzy (or druzy quartz or druzy crystal) is the agate druzy. Agate druzy is generally white or off-white, small and sparkling. It often looks like sugar crystals.

Anyway, I thought this piece was really interesting. And after I started making jewelry, I got it into my head that this rock needed to be worn. So I turned it into a pretty cool-looking necklace, if it isn't bragging to say so. I think it could be worn by anyone and consider it to be a unisex piece of jewelry. It's perfect for anyone who likes larger, chunkier pieces.

If you'd like to buy this wearable rock, it's available here: Large Reddish Missouri Druzy Crystal Agate Stone Wire-Wrapped Pendant Necklace | Stone Maven Handcraf (

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