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Stone Maven Handcrafted Jewelry

Natural Stones Wrapped with Pure Copper

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The Story of Stone Maven Handcrafted Jewelry

I started making wire-wrapped pendants at first from the natural tumbled stones from a collection given to me by my grandmother. She used to have dozens on display in her home in Dell Rapids, South Dakota, and every time we visited when I was a girl, I'd spend part of my time admiring them for their unique and beautiful details. She'd tell me a little about some of them, although she was no expert. She, too, loved them for their natural beauty and enjoyed just looking and examining them from time-to-time.

For my jewelry, I only use natural stones (no resin or human-made "stones") and mostly use naturally-shaped pieces, although you'll also see some heart-shaped and other perfectly-shaped stones here and there. I mostly enjoy working with the odd-shaped rocks, however; I think I'd get bored just working with predictable shapes and straight edges.

Don't see the stone or a color you're looking for? Request a customized pendant by filling out the Contact Amy form below.

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Contact Amy

Need a custom order? To get started, just send me a few details about the stone you want, the color you're looking for, and/or any other details you want to provide.

Any other questions? Feel free to use this form, too. 

Stone Maven Handcrafted Jewelry is located in Southeast Missouri, USA

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